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Fun Games


Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game
... $42.95   

An inner-goddess-revealing, fun loving, certainly sexy activity for groups of three or more, the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game easily adds a scandalous, sensually inspirational layer to the night. Based around the much-loved, best selling bit of erotica, it's simple and fun, and perfect for all sorts of get-togethers, as it can be played just about anywhere, with no need to gather around a board. 

To get started, one player reads aloud from one of the many question cards, all loaded cheeky, but relatively vanilla insinuations. The rest of the group secretly votes on which of the pre-determined friends is best-matched to the question read, and, if correct, based on the card reader's choice, wins an Inner Goddess Token. The object is simply to collect as many as possible, so the better you know the people involved, the better your chances.

*For a slightly more x-rated version of the game, a Red Room Expansion Pack is available separately.


  • 300 x Vanilla Question Cards
  • 150 x Inner Goddess Tokens
  • 1 x Submissives of Christian Grey pad
  • 4 x My Answer Pads
  • 1 x NDA Pad
  • 1 x rule sheet

Manufacturer Product Code: 6188
UPC Code: 669165009619


Exploring Ultimate Fantasies Game
... $36.95   

Explore your sexual fantasies with your lover and maybe even discover some new ones! The Exploring Ultimate Fantasies game is the perfect way for couples to spice things up; it includes 24 passion cards, 36 fantasy cards, 1 massager (AA battery sold separately), a feather tickler, spanish fly liquid, body heat massage lotion, one set of wrist and ankle restraints, 1 candle, 5 dice, a blindfold and edible body paint.

Manufacturer Product Code: PD8206-00
UPC Code: 603912123388

ID: PD-8206-00


Go F*ck Card Game
... $12.95   

Containing all you need to play much more adult versions of classic card games, Go F*ck offers 52 definitely not-traditional game cards with which to try your luck. Replacing suits with sex positions and acts, your game of Crazy 69's, Sex Snap and Go F*ck will leave both winner and loser very happy. Rules for each game are included, along with the aforementioned 52 cards. Manufacturer Product Code: BG.C36 UPC Code: 825156107607


I.O.U. The Game of Hidden Pleasures
... $12.95   

A deliciously sensual little game for couples, I.O.U is amazingly simple to play, but the effects of this creative card set will be the stuff of memories and fantasies for years to come, guaranteed. There are 42 cards inside, each hiding a tantalizingly sexy task, activity or inspiration. As often as you or your mate like, draw a card and follow the instructions then and there, or save your card up for a special occasion. Hide cards around the house, or stash one in her purse or his coat pocket to keep things sizzling in and out of the bedroom. Manufacturer Product Code: PT01 UPC Code: 176554005225


Kiss My...! Party Game
... $13.95   

Kiss My! Party Game is one of the most fun and outrageous Bachelorette Party Games ever! Kiss My...! is like the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except the tail is your lips and the donkey is a dong! Give the soon to be Bride the Pecker Lipstick to apply, then cover her eyes with the mask and give her a spin, now point her in the right direction to land the perfect kiss! The first person to Peck his Pecker Wins! Who needs a male stripper when this hunk has already taken it all off! This game is not only for bachelorette parties, create a stir at a birthday party or delight the girls on your next night out! This hunky poster boy is all you will need to have the crowd grinning ear to ear. Includes: One poster, one blindfold and one pecker lipstick


Amazing Sex Pillow Talk Card Game
... $9.95   

The Amazing Sex Pillow Talk Card Game includes 100 stimulating questions about Amazing Sex that every couple must ask. Use these thought provoking series of questions to help you and your partner have incredible sex. Can be played with or without the Pillow Talk Board Game.


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