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Fifty Shades of Grey


Something Forbidden Butt Plug
... $25.95   

Holy cow! A butt plug. I try to assimilate all the sensations: the delicious fullness, the tantalizing feeling that I am doing something forbidden, the erotic pleasure that spirals outward from deep within me. Ana's reaction to Christian's buttplug scene from Fifty Shades is a memorable one, and her pleasurable experiences, like many of the sizzling scenarios brought to life in E.L James' erotic trilogy, have helped to thrust some truly fantastic toys and tools into the sexy spotlight. From the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection, the Something Forbidden Butt Plug is a is a velvety smooth, thrillingly contoured number designed for incredible ease of use and the maximization of your specific sexual experience. Classically shaped and sized perfectly for the novice, this plug is slender, arrow straight and softly pointed, making insertion easy and comfortable. The firm yet plush feel of the top-notch silicone material assists with precision, and feels downright fantastic as it gently stretches the anal opening and nerve-ending packed anal canal. At the bottom end of the shaft portion, there's a nice taper that gives the muscles something to grip, creating the possibility of longer term wear, and the widely looped base, while acting as a barrier against too-deep penetration, fits comfortably between the butt cheeks. Once the plushy, temperature sensitive silicone material takes on your body heat, you'd be truly hard pressed to tell the difference between the plug and human skin, it'll warm naturally with use, but to start things off hot, simply soak your plug in warm water before use, the silicone holds heat extremely well. Silicone is incomparably safe and hygienic- you'll be able to boil or bleach your plug for complete sterilization, you can even run it through the dishwasher. Since it's nonporous, odor and taste free and fully hypoallergenic, the Something Forbidden is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. As with any silicone toy, use a great quality water based lube- avoid silicone formulas and store away from other toys. A soft Fifty Shades storage bag is included. Specifications Length - 4 1/4" Insertable length - 2 1/2" Girth - 3 1/4" around at largest Width - 1" at widest Material - Silicone Special Features - Hypoallergenic, odor-free, phthalate free Color - Charcoal Manufacturer Product Code: FS-40172 UPC Code: 5060108819817


Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit
... $79.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER Pleasure, pain, reward and punishment- his words from so long ago echo through my mind. His intention is clear. My inner goddess wakes, wide-eyed and raring to go. My skin tingles, my blood is racing, and there's nothing more I desire. A blissfully beginner friendly kit created specifically for newcomers to the pleasurable world of light bondage, the Submit to Me Kit is an effortlessly thrilling offering from the official, much-anticipated, completely E.L James approved Fifty Shades of Grey collection. Packaged in inimitable signature style bearing the Fifty Shades logo and the famous grey tie insignia, the Beginner Bondage Kit is gift-ready, an absolute must-have for fans of the sultry trilogy, particularly those of the bondage-curious variety. Inside a sturdy, discreet black box, you'll find the holy trinity of bondage essentials in six pieces that beg to be explored. First up is a set of silky satin ties that easily, comfortably and gently restrain the wrists, ankles and more. In extra soft fabric, the ends can be threaded through hardy metal loops at the top end of each to create a cuff, or simply knotted into place. If desired, the ties can also be used to tether compatible cuffs you already own to bedposts, furniture or otherwise. A Twitchy Palm Spank Paddle is up next, this fantasy-ready creation is absolutely perfect for customized maneuvers. The pleasantly weighty shape whips and whirls like nothing else, delivering light, teasing slaps or teeth-gritting whacks with amazing ease. Alternate the softer, subtly padded silver side with the firmer black side for delicious variations in texture. A slim, comfortably contoured handle lends a feeling of security in hand to assist with precision control, furthermore, a soft fabric strap can be wrapped around fingers or wrist. Finally, a classic blindfold in touchably soft black satin. Gently and effectively blocking light and sight for some exciting sensual deprivation, wearing a blindfold is said to induce a heightening of the remaining senses. A must-have for playful couples like Ana and Christian, a great Blindfold like this one offers an effortless way to add a big dose of exciting anticipation to your particular pleasure scenario. Lined in extra soft faux fur that sensually cushions the face during wear, it secures around the back of the head with a double elasticized strap. Fits most. Manufacturer Product Code: FS-40184 UPC Code: 5060108819442


Masks On Masquerade Mask Twin Pack
... $34.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER "Masks on," Christian grins, and as he dons his simple black mask, my price becomes something darker, more sensual. Gorgeously constructed, subtly glittery and beautifully detailed, flattering and concealing all at once, the Masks On set from the Official Fifty Shades of Grey collection definitely packs the potential to inspire some incredibly unforgettable play sessions worthy of Christian and Ana. The two masks within are firm and purposefully shaped, fitting naturally over the curves of the face to highlight the eyes while dramatically obscuring the wearer's 'daytime' identity. Slip into a silver or black version embellished with satiny trim, knot the silky ties around the back of the head, and revel in the sexy persona that's revealed. Fits most. Spot clean. Manufacturer Product Code: FS-52420 UPC Code: 5060057879337


Charlie Tango Classic Vibrator
... $63.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER Hush now. Christian removes his fingers and slides the object into me. He cups my face and kisses me, his mouth invading mine. Instantly the toy inside me starts to vibrate- down there! I gasp. The feeling is extraordinary. Fully approved by the new mistress of erotica herself, the E.L James sanctioned Charlie Tango vibe is a thrillingly versatile, function-packed pleasure tool created for silky smooth, blissfully straightforward stimulation tailored to any number of sweet-spot seeking scenarios. Straight from a line inspired by and designed for fans of the steamy trilogy, this classic, waterproof, power-packed vibe has quite the far-reaching range of pleasurable possibilities, as Ana could definitely attest to. Shaped into a long, smooth, softly rounded taper, Charlie Tango effortlessly reaches inner sweet spots with its lengthy, precisely firm shaft. Subtly blunted at the tip, this vibe also works absolute wonders on his and hers external erogenous zones body-wide, from clitoris to nipples and beyond. Charlie's many modes of multi-function vibration are transferred remarkably well throughout the length with a touch of a button, wonderfully transferring three speeds of steady stimulation plus four pulsating patterns straight to chosen areas. Starting off slow and teasing, the shuddering, escalating vibration can be customized to suit the mood and specific pleasure purpose, the most intense setting is absolutely powerful enough to keep toes tightly curled as it urges mates and solo players right over the edge. Hygienic and hypoallergenic, Charlie Tango is made of an incomparably velvety ABS plastic that wipes clean in a snap and can be used with your choice of lubricant. A soft drawstring storage and travel bag is included. Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately). Fully waterproof. Specifications Length: 7" Insertable Length: 5.1" Girth: 3.4" at largest point Width: 1" at largest point Materials: PU Coating, ABS Plastic Battery: 2 x AA Batteries Special Features: Waterproof, Multi-Function, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface Color: Black Manufacturer Product Code: FS-48293 UPC Code: 5060057873151


Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie
... $26.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER He binds my wrists together with the tie, knotting it firmly. His eyes are bright with wild excitement. He tugs at the binding. It's secure and I am under his control. My heart leaps and desire pools way down low... Soft, silky, and utterly sensual, the Soft Limits Deluxe Wrist Tie forms an integral part of the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection, not to mention an integral part of your own lightly bound-up fantasies. Inspired by some of Anastasia and Christian's famous forays into the thrilling world of control and submission, this silky tie is a wonderfully non-intimidating way to introduce restraint-play to unique playtime indulgences. Long and lustrous in form, the Tie forms a single piece that easily encompasses either wrists or ankles in signature gray and black satin. Tuck each end through the central loop and pull through to secure, or simply knot the entire Tie around the zone to be trussed up. With about 55 inches (1.4 meters) to work with, there's lots of room for experimentation, so whether you're a seasoned sub or simply curious, the Soft Limits suits. Satin storage bag included. Manufacturer Product Code: FS-40179 UPC Code: 5060108819596


Ultimate Control Handcuff Restraint Set
... $49.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER "Oh please." I beg; pulling on the restraints above my head as I stand blindfolded and tethered to the grill in the playroom. Whether the mood calls for some gentle, teasing, playfully trussed up position control or more intense bondage scenarios a la Ana and Christian, the exceptionally versatile Ultimate Control kit from the official, E.L James approved Fifty Shades of Grey collection inspires with its user friendly and comfortable, but seriously sturdy construction. Two soft-lined adjustable cuffs comprise the core of the set, in satiny polyester backed with a velvety faux fur, they completely encircle the wrists of a submissive mate, closing with simple velcro. Once in place, a pair of tethers clip on quickly and securely courtesy of metal clasps and hardy D-rings. Swiveling at the base, the clasps allow for just enough freedom of movement while positioning the wearer with hands behind, above or in front of the body, depending on how you choose to employ the Set. Finished with crystal clear acrylic stopper bars, the 7 1/2 inch (19cm) tethers can be threaded through bedposts, over or under a door, or used alongside compatible bondage furniture or gear. Satin polyester, faux fur, polypropylene webbing, metal, acrylic. Spot clean. Manufacturer Product Code: FS-52417 UPC Code: 5060057879054


Wickedly Tempting Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
... $89.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER He plants soft wet kisses on my shoulder as he withdraws his fingers from me, and moves the vibrator down. It oscillates over my stomach, my belly, onto my sex, against my clitoris. Sleekly, sexily smooth, 100% waterproof and fully rechargeable, the Official Fifty Shades of Grey collection presents the Wickedly Tempting Clitoral Vibrator, a dreamily versatile pleasure tool created for the most precise satisfaction one could ask for. Simple, lightweight and extremely easy to maneuver in and around sweet spots body-wide, this vibe is absolutely perfect for any level of toy experience, ideal as a gift, and a wonderful choice for sharing with a lover. That strategically tapered shape fits seamlessly into almost any pleasure pursuit, be it solo or shared; either way, the blissfully smooth texture only adds to the fantastic touch of silky, temperature sensitive silicone. A fantastically energetic motor at the core of the Wickedly Tempting sends six thrilling modes of steady, pulsating and escalation resonating from tip to end- a simple interface placed at the grey silicone center band easily varies the stimulation pattern. Fully rechargeable via USB, this vibe is amazingly convenient, charging at any free USB port. 60 minutes of charge time will provide up to 90 minutes of continuous enjoyment- simply twist the base to reveal the USB stick. In terms of material, this vibe is sleek, slick and sturdy courtesy of the clean, nonporous ABS plastic surface- the simple, safe composition makes this little offering perfect for pleasure seekers with irritation-prone skin. A quick wipe with a good toy cleansing fluid or a scrub in warm soapy water will have the Wickedly sanitized and ready to play. As the detailing on this vibe is of silky silicone, always use a great quality water based lube if needed, avoid silicone formulas and contact with other silicone toys and products. 100% waterproof. Storage bag included. Specifications Length: 4.25" Insertable Length: 2.25" Girth: 3" at largest point Width: 0.9" at largest point Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic Special Features: Waterproof, Multi-Function, Hypoallergenic, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, USB Rechargeable Color: Black Manufacturer Product Code: FS-52425 UPC Code: 5060108815680


Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game
... $42.95   

An inner-goddess-revealing, fun loving, certainly sexy activity for groups of three or more, the Fifty Shades of Grey Party Game easily adds a scandalous, sensually inspirational layer to the night. Based around the much-loved, best selling bit of erotica, it's simple and fun, and perfect for all sorts of get-togethers, as it can be played just about anywhere, with no need to gather around a board. To get started, one player reads aloud from one of the many question cards, all loaded cheeky, but relatively vanilla insinuations. The rest of the group secretly votes on which of the pre-determined friends is best-matched to the question read, and, if correct, based on the card reader's choice, wins an Inner Goddess Token. The object is simply to collect as many as possible, so the better you know the people involved, the better your chances. *For a slightly more x-rated version of the game, a Red Room Expansion Pack is available separately. Includes 300 x Vanilla Question Cards 150 x Inner Goddess Tokens 1 x Submissives of Christian Grey pad 4 x My Answer Pads 1 x NDA Pad 1 x rule sheet Manufacturer Product Code: 6188 UPC Code: 669165009619


Red Room Collection Limited Edition Flogger
... $189.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER He opens the door to his playroom, standing back for me to walk through, and I am once more in the Red Room. Handcrafted of smoothly supple chocolate leather combined with soft, excitingly stinging suede, the Red Room Collection Limited Edition Flogger represents the epitome of high end play, certainly living up to the famed Fifty Shades of Grey name. Sturdily lightweight and extremely comfortable in hand, this high end plaything is far-reaching and perfectly swishy, its 18 inches of suede sting landing with precision wherever directed. Helping to keep the Flogger close and under a handler's full control, this Red Room offering features an extra long wrist cord woven through the top of its firm braided leather handle. Of the highest quality natural leather and suede, the Red Room Collection Flogger should be cleaned using only a specialist leather cleaner, all metal fittings should be cleaned regularly, particularly after contact with moisture. Store in a cool dry place in the included natural fiber bag. 26 inches (66cm) long. Manufacturer Product Code: FS-57310 UPC Code: 5060057875377


Pure Pleasure USB Vibrating Bullet
... $67.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER Dear Miss Steele...I hope you put this laptop to good use, as discussed. Silky smooth and shockingly powerful, Pure Pleasure from the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection combines an intrinsically versatile shape with convenient USB charging capabilities, making for lots of pleasurable portability. Classically curvy and purposefully firm, the glossy chrome-colored tip targets the clitoris with pinpoint precision during sex, foreplay and otherwise, while seeking out, with equal ease, external sweet spots body-wide. Three speeds of reliably steady vibration are offset by 9 tingling patterns of pulsation and escalation, each more toe-curling than the last- one simple push button located beneath the velvety base controls each option. To charge, just attach the induced USB charge cord to a subtle port located at the base, and plug into an available USB slot or compatible USB AC adapter. Of sleek, shiny ABS plastic, the Pure Pleasure bullet is fatalistically low-maintenance, and completely safe for even very sensitive skin. The nonporous surface wipes clean in a snap with some warm soapy water or a good toy cleansing fluid, and is compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Satin storage bag and USB charge cable included. 100% waterproof. Specifications Length: 4" Insertable Length: 2.5" Girth: 2.5" at largest point Width: 0.75" at largest point Materials: ABS Plastic Special Features: Waterproof, Multi-Speed, Multi-Function, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, USB Rechargeable Color: Black Manufacturer Product Code: FS-48294 UPC Code: 5060057873144


Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads
... $23.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER The sleek object has gradually increasing spherical bubbles joined together, the first one small and the last much bigger. " They have quite an effect if you pull them out mid-orgasm," says Christian, watching me carefully. A long, supple, wonderfully temperature sensitive set of perfectly shaped silicone rear-entry beads from the official Fifty Shades of Grey collection, the perfectly graduated, curvily contoured Pleasure Intensified Anal Beads were cleverly designed for some Fifty Shades of Grey-worthy backdoor bliss. Designed for all levels of anal experience, the Chain features a forgiving feel that bends to conform to unique body contours. Providing lots of room to move along the 6 thoughtfully spaced beads, the size graduation is slow to start, gently easing even the very beginner into pleasurable sensations with a barely 1/4 inch starter bead. Once past the first few oval shaped bubbles, the size gets a little more dramatic for an intense, filling stretch. A ringed handle at the base offers up a worry-free, extra precise grip for insertion and perfectly timed removal. There are tons of benefits to the premium silicone material comprising the Beads, it's extremely hygienic (can be boiled or placed in the dishwasher), odor free, and is completely hypoallergenic and body friendly, containing no phthalates or latex. Safety and hygiene aside, silicone warms deliciously to body temperature with use and has a great lifelike feel and texture. To keep your Pleasure Intensified set at it's best, use a good water based lube at all times, avoid silicone lubricants and contact with other silicone products. A satin Fifty Shades of Grey storage./travel bag is included. Specifications Length - 10" (total) Insertable Length - 7" Girth - 3.1" around at largest (largest bead) Width - .1" at widest (largest bead) Material - Silicone Special Features - Hygienic, hypoallergenic, ringed handle Color - Gray Manufacturer Product Code: FS-40173 UPC Code: 5060108819770


Tease Feather Tickler
... $15.95   

NON STOCK ITEM SPECIAL ORDER Something almost unbearably soft brushes against my neck, running languidly down my throat, slowly across my chest, over my breasts, caressing me.... Representing a blissfully teasing scene from the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, the namesake Tease Feather Tickler is an incredibly soft, tickling, certainly sensual piece of the long-awaited Official Collection. Whether you (or your lover) wield the Tease in combination with a blindfold, alternate slow, nerve-ending igniting strokes with a more intense paddle or whip, or any number of foreplay-appropriate maneuvers, it's a must have for playful couples. An extra soft plume of gray feathers grace the tip of the 14 inch(36cm) Tickler, which, thanks to the long, sturdy handle, can be perfectly and precisely traced around the body, teasing and pleasing as it goes. Natural variances in length and the slightly firmer stem of each feather create subtle, unbelievably pleasurable sensations- to keep the feathers at their best, keep them as dry as possible, and try to store the Tease such that they don't end up crumpled and creased. Coming to you in stylish Fifty Shades packaging, the Tease is completely gift-ready, and contains a detailed little booklet offering tips and tricks for enjoyment. Manufacturer Product Code: FS-40183 UPC Code: 5060108819473


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