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Bachelorette Party


Pecker Toss Game
... $11.95   

A great gag desk accessory for fidgety co-workers, a perfect bachelorette party drinking game, and overall just a laugh-inducing favor, the Pecker Ring Toss is just as it sounds; a sturdy penis sits on a flat surface, and you or your party guests toss one of 6 colored rings and try to get it around the shaft.

Manufacturer Product Code: PD 8202-01
UPC Code: 603912116069


Kiss My...! Party Game
... $13.95   

Kiss My! Party Game is one of the most fun and outrageous Bachelorette Party Games ever! Kiss My...! is like the game Pin the Tail on the Donkey, except the tail is your lips and the donkey is a dong! Give the soon to be Bride the Pecker Lipstick to apply, then cover her eyes with the mask and give her a spin, now point her in the right direction to land the perfect kiss! The first person to Peck his Pecker Wins! Who needs a male stripper when this hunk has already taken it all off! This game is not only for bachelorette parties, create a stir at a birthday party or delight the girls on your next night out! This hunky poster boy is all you will need to have the crowd grinning ear to ear. Includes: One poster, one blindfold and one pecker lipstick


Bachelorette Pecker Hat
... $24.95   

What better way to announce to the world that you're a 'Hot Bachelorette' than with a crown of peckers adorned on top of a bright pink, plush top hat. This hilarious Bachelorette Pecker Hat is the perfect party accessory for the big bash before the big day and will surely get the festivities started on the right note!

Manufacturer Product Code: P-07
UPC Code: 623849031693


Boobie Cap
... $24.95   

Proclaim your love for boobies in Ozze's amazing Boobie Cap. The royal blue hat supports two giant plush boobs with pert, pink nipples that are sure to garner plenty of attention! The perfect accessory for Bachelor/ette parties and as gag gifts for that special occasion, the Boobie Cap is absolutely a must-have.

Manufacturer Product Code: P-08
UPC Code: 623849031709


Dicky Sipping Straws
... $9.95   

Sip your favorite drink at the next drinks-worthy occassion with a cheecky Dicky Sippin' Straw. Perfect for bachelorette parties, this 10 pack of straws will definitely distinguish your glass and make it a true 'cocktail.'

Manufacturer Product Code: PD 6203-01
UPC Code: 603912116410


Pecker Beach Ball
... $19.95   

A bouncy, pecker-filled inflatable ball from Ozze Creations, this hilarious beach accessory is a must-have at any poolside party, especially Bachelorettes and birthdays. Inflating to an impressive 20 inches, a playful animated penis erects within its transparent orb and seals easy with a standard, built in inflator.

Manufacturer Product Code: BALL-02
UPC Code: 623849031785


Pecker Inspector Badge
... $9.95   

An official looking badge that just might let you get away with more than usual, the Pecker Inspector Badge comes straight from the Office of Erections. Pin one on the bride-to-be at the bachelorette party, or pick one of your guests on a girls night outing to sport the shiny silver, penis-decorated badge and see what happens as a result.

Manufacturer Product Code: NV.S66
UPC Code: 825156102565


Bachelorette Party Table Place Setting for 10
... $28.95   

A complete pack of bachelorette party essentials, this fantastic collection from Hott instantly transforms any space into a girly party zone. Included in the pack you'll find twenty sturdy, printed paper plates, ten in 10 inch and ten in 7 inch, a ten pack of matching paper cups, ten party trivia game napkins, ten place settings in firm, reusable pink plastic, and a ten pack of Pecker Party Straws.

Manufacturer Product Code: 2518-BP
UPC Code: 818631025183


X-Rated Pecker Balloons
... $7.95   

Decorate the location next bachelorette or adult party with a package of Pecker Balloons. Containing 8 ballons in assorted colors, you can color co-ordinate with the decorations, plus, the realistic cartoon pecker on front and back guarantees a laugh.

*This product contains latex

Manufacturer Product Code: PD 6126-00
UPC Code: 603912233537


Bachelorette Party Ultimate Party Kit
... $74.95   

Fully stocked with absolutely everything bachelorette night could possible need, the Ultimate Party Kit mixes 13 pieces from Pipedream's very impressive Bachelorette Party Favors collection. Inside, you'll find three games, a host of cheeky drink accessories, from pecker straws to a weenie ice cube tray, party balloons (pecker enhanced, of course), whistles, plus a classic blow up doll, a sparkly headpiece, and of course, a feather boa. Contents 1 Pin the Macho on the Man Game 1 Pecker Ring Toss Lotto Dare Cards 2 Party Dice 8 Pecker Balloons 8 Pecker Party Whistles 10 Pecker Straws 1 Jumbo Pecker Straw 1 Bachelorette Ribbon pin 1 Dicky Ice Tray 1 Headpiece 1 Feather Boa 1 Mini John Inflatable Doll Manufacturer Product Code: PD6042-00 UPC Code: 603912313260


Bachelorette Party 9 Piece Foil Balloons
... $12.95   

A perfect addition to the bachelorette party decor and equally great for carrying around at the bar, the cheeky Party Balloons are colorful, shiny and definitely eye-catching. 9 multicolored balloons are included. Manufacturer Product Code: 2512-BP UPC Code: 818631025121


Girls Night Jumbo Cock Tail Straw in Pink
... $6.95   

Get at every last drop of your drink of choice with a Jumbo Cock-Tail Straw. This extra large novelty straw is colored bright pink and shaped into a realistic pecker, complete with balls. Your cocktail will certainly stand out with one of these 11 inch treats inside; they're great for bachelorettes, or any adult themed party. Manufacturer Product Code: SE-2425-30-2 UPC Code: 716770067883


Girls Night Jumbo Cock-tail Straw in Pink
... $9.95   

A girls night out or bachelorette party staple, Playful Party Straws are just as they sound, bright, noticeable drinking straws with a must-have penis shape. Suck up your cocktail of choice in true ladies night style. Package contains 10 Straws in pink and black. Manufacturer Product Code: SE-2425-10-2 UPC Code: 716770064172


Ring For Blowjob Bell
... $14.95   

Send off a ring-a-ding-ding to let someone know its time for a blowjob! This awesome Ring for Blowjob bell from Ozze Creations is the perfect gag gift for bachelors and parties or as a sexy signal between lovers. 

Manufacturer Product Code: BEL-02-E
UPC Code: 623849030610


Bachelorette Party Sash
... $11.95   

An eye-catching, bubblegum pink must-have to help the bride-to-be stand out from the stagette bash crowd, the silky Bachelorette sash should be worn proudly and loudly. Made from shiny pink satin with sequined black and pale pink lettering, the sash pins on easily with simple safety pins, and can be worn any number of ways throughout the night. Fits most. Manufacturer Product Code: PD6096-11 UPC Code: 603912329742



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