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 The Moose Hunt

Moose hunting at the Hideaway

Moose hunting season opens the last Saturday in August for archery only. The second Saturday in September the season opens for rifle. You can also hunt with the bow during rifle season.

Hunters arrive at the lodge on Sunday afternoon. If you drive, you can call one of the guides when you arrive in Grand Falls-Windsor and they will drive with you to the lodge. If you fly, one of the guides will be waiting for you in Gander International Airport In the afternoon you can unwind, get organized for the week's hunt, and if there's time before dark, go for a hike to spot for moose. In the evening you will receive your licence and tags, and there will almost certainly be a moose roast for the evening meal!

In the morning we leave the lodge before daylight and have a short drive to where we will begin walking for the morning hunt. It is a good idea to bring along a soft rifle case, since the rifle has to be cased in the dark. We hunt bogs (marshlands), and old woods roads. A good, comfortable pair of rubber boots is highly recommended. In the evening we often find a good spot to sit and glass. Once the moose is down, we take it back to the lodge to the skinning poles and then hang it in the screened meat shed.

To sum up the whole moose hunting experience, let me use the words of one of our regular hunters: "The moose is the 'King of the Woods'. It is a priviledge to be able to hunt it, in the beautiful wilderness of Newfoundland."



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