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 Moose Hunt 2010

Moose News
"Moosey on in"...it's time to catch up on the moose news from the 2010 hunting season. For us, it's more than just a time to hunt moose...it's a time to get together with old friends...Dick, Al, and Uncle Bobby Cushing who have been hunting with us for 22 years; Denny, who has been a regular hunter for 15 years; and they were all successful in taking another moose this past season! It's also a time to make new hunting friends, exchange hunting stories,  enjoy the beautiful fall weather and spectacular Newfoundland scenery.  And it all comes together when Rob and the guides say "shots fired, moose down"!!!  Many thanks to all the hunters from us here at the Hideaway, and for the wonderful comments that you have written in the guestbook, both at the lodge and on the website. We appreciate you all so much!! Let's take a look back at the season....

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