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Photo Gallery


Feature Your Photo of Newfoundland and Labrador

Send us you favorite scenic or historical Newfoundland and Labrador photos. We will add selected photos to our Photo Gallery and list your name with the picture on this website. Each week we will select one photo as our "Feature Photo" to be displayed on our Home Page.  


Submitted By Trudy Rideout

Here is a picture of my hometown in Newfoundland called Terrencville. It is located on the Burin Peninsula.  


Stage in Newville

Submitted By Geraldine Bentley

My husband and I had just got back from a trip to Newfoundland. It was his first trip to the province. I was born in Stephenville and have lived in Alberta for the past 24 years. This photo is a "Fishing Stage in Newville". This is how I remember it from years gone by. My family went here every summer for vacation to visit family and friends. Visiting this site brought back many good memories. My husband thoroughly enjoyed every minute in Newfoundland and is looking forward to going back to visit more beautiful sites.

Thank You
Geraldine Bentley  


Cape Spear

Submitted By Andrea Tarvin


Cabot Tower

Submitted By Andrea Tarvin


Hooded Seal

Submitted by Darren Marsh

This seal spent days sunning on a warf in Springdale  


Alexander Murray Trail, King's Point

...our family hiked the Alexander Murray Trail in King's Point. The view from the top was AWESOME! This is one of the pictures we took from the peak.


Edward Cornwallis

Icebreaker Edward Cornwallis in Springdale on April 18th 2003.


Coast Guard Icebreaker

Coast Guard Icebreaker leaving Corner Brook on April 20th, 2003.


Springdale Waterfront

This is the waterfront of Springdale - home of The Newfoundland Shop


Indian River Falls, Springdale, Newfoundland

The top of the falls after a 2 day rain storm.


Stephenville 1963

Submitted by Wayne Ray.

This is a picture of White's & Ray's trailer park in Stephenville in 1963.  


Coachmans Cove

Submitted By Brent Downey

Black & White image of shoreline in Coachmans Cove - Baie Verte Peninsula.  


West Pond

Submitted by Larry Samms - Springdale, NL


Southwest Brook, Stephenville

Submitted By Tanya Loder
Currently living in Alberta. Born in Stephenville, Nfld.

This was taken at Southwest Brook, I believe, just outside Stephenville. Don't mark my words on the name of the river...  


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