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Five Lines Of Business


Supportive Services

BAYNet has established associations and partnerships with various youth, family and supportive services.

Community Capacity Building

BAYNet has and is building on various existing resources in the community, some of which follow :

Babysitter Education Program - Through which we have helped to develop more certified babysitters.

Forum to Address Violence Among Youth - This Forum made students aware of the problems that violence has among youth. It required them to reflect on their involvement and to think about possible solutions to the problems.

FINALY! - BAYNet sent 6 youth to the FINALY! (Futures In Newfoundland And Labrador's Youth!) summit.

Homework Haven - BAYNet offers tutoring sessions for students with academic troubles.

Kids' Can! Program - A bi-weekly afternoon session, on Fridays, where youth age 8-12 may use the centre without interruption from older students.

Trick or Eat - Trick or Eat involves addressing the hunger problem through a student solution. Students ask for donations of preferably non-perishable food to donate to our local food bank.

International Youth Day - The establishment of International Youth Day activities.

30 Hour Famine - This involved volunteer students to fast for 30 hours, spending most of it asking other people to donate to raise money to help the poor and hungry.

Non-Smoking Program - This involved youth aged 3-6, in partnership with Vista Family Resource Centre.


Here at BAYNet we have provided an entertainment outlet for our youth through a variety of recreation choices.
Guitar Hero Tournaments
 - First Tournament Results :
DJ Abbott - Reigning Champion
 - Hockey
 - Basketball
 - Soccer
 - Ice Skating
 - Ping Pong
 - Etc.
Music Jam Sessions
Battles of the Bands
 - This is where we get musically-inclined groups of students engaged in friendly competition.
Winter Hikes
 - BAYNet has organized winter hikes, in partnership with the Discovery Trail Ground Search and Rescue, for youth.
Walk For Youth
 - a walk for youth organized in part with Tip Performing Arts.
Community Walk Against Violence
 - this was an organized walk for citizens of the Bonavista area to join and walk for a given time period as a protest against violence. This was organized with the Eastern Region Committee Against Violence, and has been done two years consecutively.
 - Students were welcome to come to the centre and participate in karaoke.
Beach Cleanup and Recycling Drive
 - Both these activities were part of the International Day for Youth.


Babysitting Training Program - Whereby participants were educated by a trained professional in how to become more certifed babysitters.
Forum to Address Violence Among Youth - This forum made aware the problems of violence among youth, and called upon its participants to address these problems.
Our Non-Smoking Program - This involved youth aged 3-6, in partnership with Vista Family Resource Centre


We have offered a variety of employment opportunities.
Career Fairs/Forums :
- These were implemented for unemployed youth, or student seeking particular studies after graduation, to gain knowledge for thier futures.
Student Employment :
-Annually, BAYNet hires students for summer programming, our Homework Haven, and for various other positions throughout the year.

(c) Bonavista Area Community Youth Network