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Summer Memories


A Screechin Success

If success were measured in new friendships, fun and local culture, then I guess you could say that our summer seasons have been a real success. Guests from all over the world are not only welcomed and entertained by their hosts but often by the entire surrounding communities. They are made to feel welcome and are included in everything that's happening. Sometimes our guests entertain us, bringing with them musical talent and stories from their past. Mussel picking, mussel bakes, lobster boils and "screechin in" parties have become almost a daily occurance around Coffee Cove, with the locals enjoying themselves as much as our visitors.
This page on our website will give you a little glimpse into‚ some of the special memories created here at the retreat since we opened for business.
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Enjoy the journey...


Iceberg Delight

We were blessed with beautiful icebergs in 2015. We watched as several entered the harbour in Little Bay, Kings Point and Springdale. It seemed every corner we turned there was another iceberg. Our own guests and visitors from all over had a chance to get up close and personal with the mysterious icy sculptures.


Austrians Learn How To Make Toutons

We have been fortunate to meet people from all over the world. We enjoyed the company of four visitors from Austria who were keen and enthusiastic for experiencing Newfoundland traditions. In this picture Margit and Ernerstine learn how to make Newfondland toutons, which they would later enjoy with a lobster boil up. During their stay with us they also experienced the "roll of the caplin" at the beach in Little Bay. It didn't seem to matter to them that it meant getting up a 5 a.m. in the morning. We hope one day they will return here. It was our pleasure entertaining them. You will see more pictures of them in our photo gallery at the bottom of the page.


Kayaking In Coffee Cove

Kayaking in and around Coffee Cove has become very popular since we arrived here. It is a major growing sport in Newfoundland as a whole and the Green Bay area is ideal with all of its islands, inlets and protected coves. We had a group of 8 kayakers leave from here for a week long adventure. One of the kayakers stayed with us before and after the long trek and while gone he (Jordan) got up close and personal with a gigantic iceberg. See the picture gallery below to see more pictures of kayaking adventures. We have a local tour operator that will customize a sea kayaking adventure just for you.


Her Favourite Place

The fact that some guests return year after year and have made this their special place, is testament enoough to our retreat. The first time Sandra arrived at the retreat she came alone, the next year she brought along her new fiancee. She said that next time she comes she will get married here. Sandra knows how to enjoy her peaceful surroundings, and certainly knows how to relax. Her favourite spot is in the hammock on the dock with her book in hand, as her fiancee found out for himself. I look forward to them coming back again and to the possibility of hearing wedding bells echoing through the cove.


Our Most Loveable Guest

I thought I had seen it all, until Ernie of Sesame Street showed up here one day with his very own ugly stick.


Rhode Island Duo

The first of our guests to arrive in summer 2010 came all the way from Rhode Island.What a pleasure it was having them stay with us. Luck wasn't in their favor when first arriving with the cooler, wet weather and they were so looking forward to seeing icebergs and whales but it wasn't in the stars for them on this trip. However, the warmth of the people here made up for all that and Jim and Diana were sad to leave after making so many new friends. They explored on our 4 wheeler and picked muscles and enjoyed a community muscle bake and lobster boil on the beach. Diana, I thought of you when the wild flowers started to bloom in July. Hope to see you next year.


Mussel Pickin/Mussel Bakes

With mussel beds right at our front door, mussel pickin and mussel bakes have become a favourite for our visitors. Nicky (the big drooly newfie dog) likes to join in the mussel pickin, however not everyone likes having him along...he just drools too much. Ah! Ah!



Some of our guests are more adventurous than others. Hughie, Patty, Brad & Janet ... there was no stopping them. They enjoyed everything there was to do and then SOME!!! including White Water Rafting. While here they embraced their surroundings and the local people. They enjoyed bonfires,card games with the locals, mussel bakes, lobster boil ups and screeching in parties.Coffee Cove will never be the same now that they are gone. We miss you guys!


Short But Sweet

Some of our guests stay for such a short time but it doesn't make them any less special. For instance Julie & Hayden Vann from Brooklyn NY, such beautiful people and commented as many others did, how they wished they could stay longer. They managed to find a little place in our hearts as did many other guests passing through. Nicky took the back seat to Dusty with Julie & Hayden. They absolutely loved him (the cat) and I felt I needed to check their suitcases when they left to make sure Dusty wasn't inside. Julie & Hayden are expecting their first child and we wish them all the best with their new family and their dreams of having a little cottage in the country. Please come back again.


Flatlander to Newfoundlander

From flatlander to Newfoundlander in 2 days. Our guests from Saskatoon were determined to experience everything there is to do in Coffee Cove in just 2 days. They even set the new record for Mussel Pickin. Tyler wasn't satisfied with just picking the mussels by hand...he went all out diving for mussels and then enjoyed baking them over the fire. Tyler and friends soaked up as much adventure as possible during their stay here and were a pleasure to be around. Hopefully they will come back again soon.


Blueberry Picking

When in season, our guests have to go no further than our yard to pick blueberries. They grow here in abundance and visitors find picking them relaxing and a real treat. Gerald Aucoin of Mount Pearl couldn't get enough it seems. He was the first of our guests to be up and about in the morning before I had a chance to have my first cup of coffee.


Summer Memories - musselpickin -

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