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Artists Retreats



Whether you are seeking inspiration, rest or just time to work in a rural and peaceful environment, this retreat offers this plus much more. Artists can pursue their work, cultivating their creativity in direct contact with nature in a restful and beautiful setting.


Painting Holidays In Beautiful Coffee Cove

Our retreat offers a place to unwind in an idyllic setting where artists can indulge their creativity. The program is intended to give artists an opportunity to create in a rural and inspirational setting, while at the same time enjoy a great holiday relaxing, sightseeing, and enjoying all there is to do in our region.
Coffee Cove has been the focus of many photographers, painters and sketch artists over the years. The tranquility and the unspoiled rugged seascape brings out the creativity and enthusiasm of artists who happen by our little Newfoundland hamlet.
One such painter is Doug Downey, a Newfoundland native, residing in Springdale specializing in Impressionist Knife Painting. Doug has spent many days in Coffee Cove painting over the years and just recently introduced himself to me and expressed interests in bringing art classes to our retreat. He expressed how he felt about this small cove and how inspirational he found it to be and that he would like to share the inspiration and the experience with other artists or "artists wanta be's". Doug and I will be working together to bring art enthusiasts impressionistic art classes/workshops at the retreat.


Doug Downey

Doug, born in 1952, resides in Springdale, Newfoundland. Doug is primarily a self-taught artist and his impressionistic paintings in oil are rendered with a palette knife. Doug has travelled extensively over the years and has shared his love of art through teaching. His preferred format of teaching is "en plein air" (outside). He feels that the sights, sounds, and the smells, all provide the inspiration and mood for the rendering of a particular painting.
For more information about Doug and details of his accomplishments over the years refer to his website using this link. www.dougdowney.com



Impressionist Palette Knife Painting Workshop en Plein Air ... Keeping it Simple!
...That's Doug's motto!
Using a palette knife, rendering an impressionistic painting in oil. With a limited color palette and the use of composition, tonal values, color, hard and soft edges creating a textured impressionistic scene. Various knife techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.
Experience the freedom, creativity and energy involved in palette knife painting...no turpentine or linseed oil used, therefore little to no odor...no brushes and little cleanup.  Most importantly, KEEPING IT SIMPLE!
Refer to Doug's website for your supply list www.dougdowney.com

Work Space

The great outdoors is at your disposal...
A wide range of working space is provided outside. There are many great vantage points from our property with its many decks, the dock, an acre of garden space, and our lighthouse tower which offers a spectacular view from all directions. The beach also provides a great place for setting up when the tide is out. For those dreadful rainy days we provide space inside with views from large windows with plenty of light.
For those who would like to paint "outside the box", we offer excursions to remote areas by boat to set up for the day with lunch provided. Why not combine a day of painting with a little adventure.



Private (single) and shared (double) accommodations are available. Our retreat offers the choice of The Baker House which is a 130 yr old Salt Box home with 2 bedrooms, our B&B suite in the main house which has a separate entrance and of course our lovely new 1 bedroom Lighthouse Cabin. Regardless of your choice, you will enjoy a 3 1/2 to 4 star accommodation. Healthy meals are provided with access to warm country kitchen facilities and cozy common areas. We provide a warm and welcoming refuge inside and out.
We prefer an all inclusive retreat for our artists which includes your meals, accommodations, and your art classes. Of course your hostess is more than happy to customize a program that works for your group.


Artists Disciplines

Coffee Cove Seaside Retreat welcomes artists from all disciplines, visual and performing artists ie. painters, photographers, sketch artists, musicians, writers etc...We are not exclusive to painters, although we are committed to supporting our local artist, Doug Downey who teaches Impressionist Knife Painting.
Whether you are looking to work solo, collaborative or interactively, we will customize a program that works for you.
Solo artists are welcome to bring family and friends and combine workshops with a holiday. As well, groups/classes are encouraged to take the time to relax and experience a little of rural Newfoundland. There are many things to do on site and many places to see and explore in the area. See our webpage "Things To Do" or "2010 Summer Season" for more details.


The All Inclusive Package Details

per person/per night
Your all inclusive package includes the following:
1. 31/2 to 4 star accommodation
2. Breakfast
3. Packed Lunch
4. Dinner
5. Full use of the entire facility for your indoor/outdoor art Workshops
6. Complimentary mussel bake, entertainment & souvenirs/parting gifts
7. Enjoy our on-site recreation at leisure ie. canoeing, camp fires etc...
8. Full photography coverage of on site and off site painting workshops
9. Arrangement of group tours (boat tours or sightseeing) 
The above price does not include artist workshops.  
Can accommodate groups of 7 (max) with a minimum of 4.


Artist Retreat Sept 6 to13 / 2011

For the ladies from Barrhead Art Club, Green Bay, Newfoundland not only offered them inspiration for painting but a Newfoundland experience they won't soon forget.
The girls enjoyed a different location each day accompanied by Doug Downey. While each of them have their preferred discipline of art, all were eager to learn the techniques of pallet knife painting under the instruction of Doug. They were joined on site each day by myself to not only take pictures of them in action but to bring them fresh coffee & tea.
During their stay in Newfoundland they not only enjoyed spectacular scenery but also experienced our culture, hospitality and many things traditional of Newfoundland ie. icebergs, kitchen parties, boat tours, jigs dinner, pan fried cod and of course a screechin in ceremony on their last night complete with newfie entertainment.
The ladies left with beautiful paintings and very fond memories of Newfoundland and their stay here at the retreat. Their experience here will be featured in their upcoming club newsletter and the group will be displaying their paintings at an art show in December complete with a full Newfoundland theme.


Site Seeing/Culture/Hospitality

The Ladies of Barrhead, Marilyn, Roberta, JoAnn, Maria, Phyllis and Betty thoroughly enjoyed their daily painting workshops which offered them a different inspirational landscape each day. They found time during their week with us to enjoy site seeing and just soaked up as much culture and hospitality that they could. They enjoyed icebergs and boat tours and a special treat of visiting the old general store in Rattling Brook which was featured on the show Land and Sea in October this year. At the store they mingled with the locals and enjoyed trying on old hats and hand made mittens.
There was as special treat in store for them on their last night here...traditional home cooked jigs dinner followed by Newfoundland entertainment which consisted of funny skits put on by the neighbors, accordian music by a local musician and of course a screechin in ceremony. After which they were presented with gifts and souvenirs to take back with them including a CD with all the pictures taken of them while they were here. We thoroughly enjoyed our time getting to know the ladies and there was even time to socialize in the evenings whether it be during before dinner drinks or around a fire outside.
We wish the girls the best of luck in their art show in December and hope they will come back again some day.
See below for fun pictures of their time here in Coffee Cove.


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