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...following a dream


Nola & Paul had a dream and when they saw this little place in Coffee Cove, they fell in love with its natural setting and beauty. As quoted by the Springdale Norwester local newspaper..."There's a saying in real estate circles, that you don't buy a house, it buys you. That is certainly the case for the newest owners of a sprawling oceanfront property in Coffee Cove."

Nola is originally from New World Island but like many Newfoundlanders, left home after school to pursue a career on the mainland. The need to come home grew stronger as the years went by. Nola met Paul in Ontario. He was born and raised in the small town of St. Jacobs Ontario. When Nola brought Paul to Newfoundland for the first time he fell in love with everything about it. They always talked about starting a waterfront retreat somewhere but hadn't quite decided where...AND THEN THERE WAS COFFEE COVE...and the rest is history.

The Newfoundland people are known world-wide for their friendly and hospitable ways. Nola and Paul would like to share their love for this place with their guests and promise them the ultimate 'down-home' experience.

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