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Worship Services Videos


Click the date to see the service:
January 02,2008Morning Worship,Speaker:Major Doreen Lacey
May 11,2008Gaither-Style Service
October 12,2008Morning Worship,Speaker:Major Gerald Lacey
November 02, 2008Morning Worship,Speaker Rev.Irving Hale
January 04,2009 Morning Worship,Speaker:Rev.Glenda Hale
February 01,2009Morning Worship,Speaker:Major Doreen Lacey
February 01, 2009Evening Worship,Speaker,Major Gerald Lacey
March01, 2009Evening Worship,Speaker:Major Gerald Lacey
March29, 2009Morning Worship
May 24,2009Gaither-Style Service
September 20,2009Evening Service, Speaker: Major Doreen Lacey
November 11,2009Morning Worship, Speaker:Major Lavern Fudge
November 8,2009Youth Service 
December 13,2009Children's Christmas Program
December 21,2009 Evening Worship
February,21,2010Morning Worship,Speaker: Major Gerald Lacey
February,21,2010Evening Worship,Speaker: Major Doreen Lacey
March 21,2010Evening Worship, Speaker: Major Calvin Collins
April 04,2010Easter Sunday, Speaker: Major Doreen Lacey
April 18,2010Morning Worship, Speaker: Major Doreen Lacey
October 3,2010Morning Youth Service, Speaker: Heidi Adams
October 31,2010Morning Worship, Speaker: Brian Hancock
November 28,2010Morning Worship,Speaker:Major Gerald Lacey
January 2,2011Morning Worship,Speaker: Major Doreen Lacey
January 23,2011Evening Worship, Speaker:Major Gerald Lacey
Feb 13,2011Morning Pioneer Service,Speaker:Rev Glenda Hale
March 13,2011Men's Ministry Sunday, Speaker:Major Bill Kean
April 3,2011Morning Worship,Speaker:Major Loretta Fudge
May 1,2011Morning Worship,Speaker Major Doreen Lacey
June 5,2011Gaither Service Major Beth Wiseman
October 30,2011Morning Worship,Speaker Major Cassie Kean
Nov.12,2011Brass Band 50th Anniversary Concert
Nov.13,2011Band Anniversay Sunday Morning Worship,Commissioner Max Feener
Dec 11,2011Morning Worship Major Robert Kean
January 29,2012Morning Worship Major Robert Kean
March 4,2012Morning Worship,Speaker Major Cassie Kean
April 2,2012Ecumenical Holy Week Service, Speaker Major Bob Kean
May 13,2012 Evening Worship,Speaker Captain Ken Brown
January 6,2013Morning Worship,Speaker Major Bob Kean
February 3,2013Morning Worship,Speaker Brian Hancock
March 31,2013Easter Morning Worship,Speaker Major Bob Kean
April 28,2013Morning Worship Speaker Major Cassie Kean
November 23,2014 Evening Worship
December 21,2014 Morning Worship
March 1,2015 Morning Worship
March 15,2015 Evening Worship
April 05,2015 Evening Worship
May 03,2015 Morning Worship
September 13,2015Morning Worship
November 29,2015 Evening Worship
November 29,2015 Morning Worship
November 15,2015 Morning Worship
January 17,2016 Morning Worship
February 7,2016 Evening Worship
April 10,2016 Morning Worship

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