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Church Leadership


What is a Leader?

Leaders are someone who understands God, but also understands people.
A leader Listens,Learns and Loves.

Corps Officers (Senior Pastors)

Majors Wycliffe & Shirley Reid

Church Ministry Board

Majors Wycliffe & Shirley Reid(Pastors)
Visitation Officer Major Gerald Lacey
Administrative Assistant- Barbara Bowers Winsor
Jonathan Sturge Youth Director

Church Corps Council/Ministry Board

Majors Wycliffe & Shirley Reid(Pastors)
Corps Council Member - Jon Sturge
Corps Council Member-Valerie Hutchcraft
Corps Council Member-Violet Rowsell
Corps Council Member- Byron Saunders
Corps Council Member-Dave Rowsell
Corps Council Member-Joy Weir
Administrative Assistant- Barbara Bowers Winsor
Corps Council Member - Wayne Wellman

Church Ministry Leaders Volunteers

Corps Treasurer - Valerie Hutchcraft
Corps Secretary - Joy Weir
Men's Ministries President - Wayne Wellman
Women's Ministries -Major Shirley Reid
Community Care Ministry-Violet Rowsell
Pioneer Club/Delta Kids Leader Jon Sturge
Ready To Serve - Jon Sturge, Dena Brooks, Mike Brooks
Brass Band Senior - Mike Brooks
JOY Fellowship-Cavell Wiseman
Ushers/Greeters Coordinator-Joy Weir

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