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          Latest Upgrades

New Tax System

You can now add a sales tax calculation to your invoices simply by adding the tax name and rate in the Setup Wizard; step #4. If you already have the taxes included in the price of your items, nothing has changed.

This new update means new clients will no longer have to calculate the tax for every item before they add it to their No Fuss Website. This new tax calculation system can work for any type of taxation system...province/state taxes.

No Fuss Statistics

The new No Fuss Statistics is fast and easy to use. It shows how many hits to each section of your website. You can now see what your customers find interesting on your website.

Simply log into your account at NFSALES.COM and click on the 'Stats' Link on the right of the top menu.

New Setup Wizard

The new Setup Wizard is a step-by-step guide to insure your website is setup correctly so you and your customers can take full advantage of your website. When you login to your account, The first menu item in the new No Fuss Site Builder is 'Setup Wizard'. Run through the wizard to manage all of your settings for your website.

New Look for the No Fuss Site Builder

The No Fuss Site Builder now has a new look. When you login to your account, you will first see a new menu system which has been redesigned to look like a Windows-based program. It has also been reorganized so you can quickly find the features and to make editing your website even easier.

Your forms for editing your content also include an easy to use editor menu so you can get more creative with your content.

Extra Shipping Options

Ask and you shall receive - when... depends on the shipping method

Our E-commerce enabled users were asking for a way to specify shipping options for their customers. We delivered with an entirely new service.

The shipping field, per product, is still available for E-commerce enabled users. But now you can also specify shipping options from your main menu in Edit Mode. Now you can give your customers choices like "To Toronto By Air" or "Express Post to California" and specify an extra fee to be added to your customers' invoice for the option they select.

To add extra shipping options, log into your website, click on 'Shipping Options' in the new Setup Wizzard and enter the shipping method and/or location with the price for each option. When you save each option it will be available to your customers on their Order Form. The shipping fees indicated for each product will also be added to the shipping option for the entire invoice.

Enhanced Shopping Cart

Your product/service pages can now include multiple options for your customers to select.

Options like size, color, model or even multiple shipping options can be added to a products page from edit mode and is then available to your customers.

You can create two lists of options with as many choices in each list as you see fit. Use one option-list and only that list shows with your product or use both or neither list.

Note: This feature is only available to e-commerce enabled users of "No Fuss Webs and E-commerce"

The No-Fuss Site Builder And E-Commerce Solution
"A unique, No Fuss Solution for creating an interactive website"
Save Money Now!
Create a website that rivals sites created by expensive website development firms!
Edit your site from anywhere!
Edit from your office, home, or any internet connected computer.
No software to install!
The No Fuss Site Builder is a live, versatile, web-based system so you edit your pages from your web browser.
Powerful interactive features!
Including online store, discussion forum pages, data collection forms, interactive e-cards for all your pictures and much more.
Great administrative features!
With your password protect administrative area you can edit your entire site, or change the theme and colors instantly.

Finally…A No Fuss Site Builder and E-commerce Solution

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